Flash/Upgrade Palm M500 M505 ROM in windows7

Palmm500_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe and Palmm505_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe doesn't work well in windows OS after XP, software can not detect debug mode handhold.

But the ROM imager in ROM Crafter from Brayder Technologies can be used for backup and flash/upgrade the OS.

4.1OS can be extracted from Palmm500_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe and Palmm505_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe.

Firstly install Palmm500_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe and Palmm505_eng4_1_FlashNew.exe.
Then decompress ROMIMAGE10000 from C:\Program Files (x86)\Handspring\Palmm500_ENG_FlashTool.exe\.rsrc\BINARY_DATA\

ROMIMAGE10000 is ROM file can be flashed by ROM imager.

Related files can be downloaded from internet or contact me.

FYI, if flash fail or report "handheld memory locked", use jackflash to release flash memory firstly.